Estate Management Services

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Our services are geared towards keeping your home or condo operating smoothly. The Estate Management Services work in tandem with our Home Watch Services and were specifically designed for clients that need more than just a watchful eye for their vacation property.
All aspects of your property are analyzed carefully to ensure that the home is not only maintained perfectly but that every home system runs efficiently.

Household Manuals

  • Home & Operational Systems
  • Housekeeping Procedures & Standards
  • Maintenance of Household Materials

Home Maintenance
  • Annual Maintenance Calendar
  • Maintenance Logs
  • Warranty Renewals
  • Budgets

Emergency Protocols
  • On Call Assistance​
  • Alarm Response
  • Security & Safety Procedures

Vendor Services
  • ​Vendor Directories
  • Proper Vendor Selection
  • ​Scheduling Service Calls & Repairs


Home Watch Services

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Absent for more than one month at a time? Luminosa can ease your mind with our professional and customized Homewatch service. With over 30 years of property management experience, we use our preferred Vendors and expertise in the Suncoast Community to make your home care our first priority.

Your precious investment should live up to its potential from the first day you arrive! We make sure that it does.  We provide you with the peace of mind that your vacation home or seasonal residence, whether single-family or condo, is secure and cared for in your absence and ensures the property is in top condition when you return to enjoy it.

A regular on-site presence is a considerable deterrent against potential crime.

Ongoing inspections while you are away can catch potential home issues before they become a potentially dangerous or costly problem.

Insurance companies look favorably upon homeowners who utilize Home watch services. Contact your insurance provider to learn if you qualify for any benefits under your plan.
As part of your Professional Home watch Service, we are committed to:

  • WEEKLY INSPECTIONS. Luminosa completes full interior and exterior weekly inspections for all issues related to the safety, general maintenance, and aesthetic integrity of your property. You can also customize our visits to include special requests that are unique to your home. (i.e. golf cart charging or starting your car on a regular basis).
  • VENDOR MANAGEMENT. Based on your weekly inspections, Luminosa can schedule, meet, and oversee your home tradesmen/vendors (such as A/C repair and pool maintenance) as needed.
  • SEAMLESS TRANSITIONS. When it’s time to return, Luminosa can help make your transition seamless. 

We recognize that each property is unique and requires special, individualized attention.

Please connect with us for your personal quote or for more information. We service Bradenton, Sarasota, Siesta Key and Venice.

Housekeeping Services 

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There’s no better way to “Schedule in life” than to have your home thoroughly cleaned by a credentialed professional. Luminosa Concierge provides detailed housekeeping services custom matched to each client’s home space. Our commitment to quality is in the details. Besides reviewing and monitoring our licensed and bonded staff for the highest standards of service, we offer a variety of comprehensive cleaning packages to select from.